The era of cord-bound gaming equipment is quickly fading into the annals of history. Stepping into the spotlight is the trend for state-of-the-art wireless gaming peripherals. CORSAIR, a global heavyweight in high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, is once again at the forefront of this revolution. Today, they announce the release of their latest invention: the DARKSTAR WIRELESS Gaming Mouse, an innovative, high-performing mouse that promises to reimagine how gaming mice are designed.

With a vast array of capabilities and features, the DARKSTAR WIRELESS Gaming Mouse is designed to excel in any gaming genre, from action-packed shooters to complex MMORPGs. This versatile piece of tech allows players to perform phenomenal attacks with ease, thanks to a unique side button configuration. With the DARKSTAR in your hand, the battlefield just became much more manageable.

Unprecedented Control and Comfort

What sets the DARKSTAR WIRELESS Gaming Mouse apart from its contemporaries is its astounding array of 15 programmable buttons. With such an array at your fingertips, all your spells, abilities, and actions are within easy reach. Notably, a six-button side cluster situated around a textured central grip provides unprecedented control and lessens strain during prolonged gaming sessions, maximizing the effectiveness of your thumb.

As wireless technology continues to advance, so do the connection options available to gamers. The DARKSTAR offers uncompromised speed and responsiveness, boasting 2,000Hz hyper-polling over sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS and versatile Bluetooth® connectivity. With a long-lasting battery that delivers up to 80 hours of gaming, you can keep the battle going even while charging via USB.

Precision and Responsiveness

When up against formidable foes, the DARKSTAR WIRELESS Gaming Mouse is more than up to the task. Its ultra-accurate CORSAIR MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI optical sensor tracks every flick and movement with pinpoint precision, customizable in single DPI steps. It also comes armed with spring-loaded CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE buttons, enabling rapid-fire clicks without a millisecond’s delay, all registered on instantaneous optical switches.

Customization and Personalization

For high-level players, personalizing gaming gear to their exact specifications is a necessity, and with the powerful CORSAIR iCUE software, the DARKSTAR allows for this level of customization. Using the newly redesigned iCUE 5.0, players can adjust RGB lighting effects, set DPI levels, assign macros, and even calibrate the sensor to the surface. The settings can be saved to five onboard profiles, providing convenient access wherever you’re gaming.

Availability and Warranty

The CORSAIR DARKSTAR WIRELESS gaming mouse is available immediately through the CORSAIR webstore and authorized online retailers and distributors worldwide. The product comes with a two-year warranty, backed by the robust CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.