In the realm of desktop audio, the unveiling of the Creative Pebble X Series marks a significant milestone. Creative Technology, a pioneer in sound innovation, introduced the Creative Pebble X and Creative Pebble X Plus on February 14, 2024, setting a new standard for acoustic excellence. These latest entries in the esteemed Pebble series promise to transform any space into a sound sanctuary, offering an unmatched listening experience whether you’re indulging in music, movies, or gaming.

Pebble’s Sound Signature

At the heart of the Creative Pebble X Series lies a dedication to sonic perfection. With enhanced custom-tuned 2.75″ full-range drivers, these speakers are not just about playing audio—they’re about immersing you in it. The iconic 45° elevated design ensures sound is delivered directly to your ears, optimizing every note for an unparalleled listening experience.

The Creative Pebble X Plus goes a step further with its compact yet powerful subwoofer, equipped with dual passive radiators. This addition, along with innovative features like Dialog+ and BassFlex, enables the speakers to deliver deep bass and crystal-clear dialogues, all without sacrificing volume. Whether it’s the subtle nuance in a musical piece or the intense dialogue in a movie, the Pebble X Series captures it all.

Creative Pebble X Plus

Illuminate Your Soundstage: A Visual Symphony

The Creative Pebble X Series doesn’t just sound good—it looks good, too. With customizable RGB lighting that boasts 16.8 million colors and six built-in presets, these speakers add a vibrant touch to any setup. The lighting isn’t just for show; it enhances the overall sensory experience, allowing you to match the ambiance of your room with your mood or activity.

Seamless Connectivity

Understanding the modern need for versatility, the Pebble X Series offers seamless connectivity options. Whether you prefer wired or wireless connections, these speakers have you covered with USB audio playback, Bluetooth 5.3, and a universal 3.5 mm AUX input port. The addition of dual ports for headphones and microphones further caters to your needs, ensuring that late-night sessions or private listening is just a plug away.

Maximizing the Audio Experience

Despite their compact size, the Pebble X Series speakers pack a powerful punch. With an RMS power of up to 30W and a peak power of up to 60W (when connected to a compatible PD adapter*), these speakers are capable of delivering expansive sound that belies their size. This power, combined with the Creative app’s access to Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine audio technologies, ensures that your listening experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Pricing and Availability

The Creative Pebble X is available for pre-order at an attractive price of US$89.99, while the Pebble X Plus can be yours for US$129.99. Both models are available on, offering a gateway to a superior listening experience. For more information, visit the dedicated pages for Pebble X and Pebble X Plus.