The title, sans “CTIA Day 2,” was completely lifted off of AT&T’s video they uploaded today. I’m not one to plagiarize, but what President & CEO of AT&T Mobility of Consumer Operations, Glenn Lurie had to say about IoT was spot on.

Similar to Day 1 of CTIA, Day 2 started off with a big cup of coffee, only I had the pleasure of sipping on it while listening to Glenn Lurie interview Shark Tank and Maverick’s owner, Mark Cuban.

After the Cuban / Lurie keynote I decided it was time to check out the last few remaining things I’ve yet to discover at the AT&T booth. Like the Samsung VR section that showcases how AT&T plans to use drones going forward, which goes alongside the IoT Smart City implementation.

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AT&T Partners with Skycatch Inc.

Skycatch Drone

Over the next few years, thanks to IoT, the term drone will drastically change. When you think of them now you’re probably thinking about stealth military operated planes or the one your kid neighbor flies over your house and wish he would stop. AT&T is working with Skycatch Inc., a drone data software solutions company, to help provide real-time information from drones on the job.

Skycatch will continue to capture their hi-res aerial data for industries like construction, mining, and energy, but now with the help of AT&T LTE-connected tablets. This will allow them a higher accuracy positioning when 3D mapping drones.

Learn more about AT&T’s partnership with Skycatch Inc. here.

Virtual Tour of AT&T’s CTIA 2016 Booth

Didn’t get to make it out to this year’s CTIA Super Mobility conference? Check out the time-lapse video AT&T created of their booth:

Keep an eye out for my CTIA recap next week. You can also check out everything AT&T announced by visiting their live CTIA blog here:

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