DJI has announced the launch of the DJI Mic 2, an innovative solution that promises to elevate the standards of audio recording for content creators.

Professional Audio Recording Meets Portability

DJI Mic 2 magnetic

DJI Mic 2 is not just another microphone; it’s a game-changer in the realm of audio recording. The device boasts omnidirectional recording capabilities, optimized for vocal clarity, ensuring high-quality audio in various scenarios – from vlogs to interviews. One of its standout features is the intelligent noise-canceling technology, which is especially beneficial in noisy environments like busy cities or crowded rooms, providing clear vocals and uninterrupted recordings.

DJI Mic 2 Innovative Features for Enhanced User Experience

  • Safety Track Feature: This unique feature allows recording a second track at -6dB alongside the primary audio track, offering protection against unexpected spikes in audio levels.
  • Sleek Design and Color Choices: The Mic 2 comes in two colors: Shadow Black and Pearl White, catering to different user preferences.
  • Ease of Use: It automatically pairs the receiver and transmitters when the charging case is opened. It’s also compatible with various devices via Bluetooth, USB-C, Lightning Adapters, and 3.5mm TRS analog output.
  • Touchscreen Operation: A 1.1-inch OLED touchscreen coupled with a precision dial allows easy adjustments of settings like volume and brightness.
  • Magnetic Attachment and Clip-On Design: Enhances the ease of attaching the transmitters to clothing.
  • Dual-Channel Recording: Enables recording audio from two sources simultaneously.

Unmatched Stability and Storage Capacity

The Mic 2 stands out with its 8GB internal storage per transmitter, allowing up to 14 hours of uncompressed 48kHz 24-bit audio recording. The 32-bit float internal recording capability adapts seamlessly to complex sound environments, capturing everything from whispers to high-decibel sounds. This flexibility is invaluable in unpredictable noise scenarios and offers extensive post-production options.

Extended Range and Battery Life

DJI Mic 2 has extended range up to 850 feet

Offering an impressive audio transmission range of up to 250 meters (820 ft.) and a 6-hour operating time per transmitter and receiver (extendable to 18 hours with the charging case), the Mic 2 is perfect for various recording situations, including live streaming and outdoor sessions.

DJI Mic 2 Pricing and Availability

The Mic 2 is available in different configurations:

  • 2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case: Priced
    at $349, this package includes a Receiver, two DJI Mic 2 Transmitters (Shadow Black), a Mic 2 Charging Case, and other essential accessories like cables, windscreens, and a carrying bag.
  • 1 TX + 1 RX: Retailing for $219, this set comes with a DJI Mic 2 Receiver, one DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black), and other necessary accessories, including a carrying pouch. Separate purchases of DJI Mic 2 Transmitters in Shadow Black and Pearl White, as well as other accessories like the DJI Lavalier Mic and DJI Mic 2 Charging Case, are also available.

The Mic 2 represents a significant leap in audio recording technology, combining high-quality recording functions with user-friendly design and exceptional stability. It empowers content creators to capture extraordinary audio, ensuring their creative visions are heard with clarity and precision. This device is not just a microphone; it’s a testament to DJI’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design, making it an essential tool for anyone serious about content creation.