The Inceptor - Father.IO

When I think of laser tag, two things come to mind: one, it’s a ridiculous amount of fun, and two, the places you have to go to play are the worst. (Also, that there’s a good chance I’m too old to play, so I guess that’s three.) Luckily, with Father.IO, it looks like the latter two will soon be a thing of the past.

Father.IO demo

Father.IO is used with the Inceptor, “the first ever connected, portable, smartphone hardware created explicitly for gaming”. Yeah, not mad about it. It’s with this keychain-sized device that people will be able to play laser tag with their friends (or, you know, just whomever you want to play laser tag with) any time, anywhere. It runs on its own power, so no worries about having to choose between your phone’s battery and playing the game. Simply snap it on, and you’re all set! The device comes equipped with six highly sensitive, infrared-receiving sensors for detecting shots from almost any direction or angle, and up to 50 meters away. Something else amazing: lag times and bandwidth usage are both minimal, thanks to local broadcasting.

The Inceptor met its Indiegogo goal last year, and is currently in production. For more information, and to reserve yours (currently 2 for $50) you can check out their page here.