iPhone 5s Concept

If you’re considering switching to an iPhone, buying a new one, or your screen just cracked, try to hold off a little longer. The rumor sites are flooded with what Apple will announce and possibly release on September 10th. The strong consensus is that there will be an iPhone 5S, as well as a reduced price iPhone that is currently being dubbed the iPhone C. The is very much in following with the iPod and even iPad lineup, a sort of iPhone mini.

Other exciting things to think about are the long rumored Apple watch. A device that finally brings all your ineeds to your wrist, and even tells time! There is also talk about a potential Apple Television. Apple is one of the world’s leading screen producers and televisions are still the mainstay of most home entertainment centers. While the new additions of the AppleTV have been great (screen mirroring, Netflix, HBOGo), taking full control of the medium might be a powerful step forward.

But that’s all just hype, right? Maybe… As stock prices are fluctuating and Samsung phone sales are riding higher and higher, Apple needs to retake their hold on what’s cool. Anyways, stay tuned for what Apple discloses on September 10th.