When you actually think about it, the amount of expensive items we carry on our person at any given time is pretty crazy. From smartphones and tablets to backpacks, it’s a scary thought to think any of these items could go missing. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure what I would do if I lost anything important to me. This holiday season, I’m gifting my loved ones with the peace of mind of knowing where their important items are at all times with Tile Tracker. Ever better, Tile has great deals on multipacks to make buying for friends and family even easier.

Here’s how it works

It’s pretty simple really. First, you will want to download the companion app on your phone or tablet; available on Apple and Android devices. Within seconds you will be ready to start activating your Tiles through the app via Bluetooth. Now, within a 100-foot range, you are able to trigger a loud tune on your Tile Tracker that will continue to go off until you find it. You’re even able to reverse track your phone by double-clicking the middle button on your tracker to ring your phone in case you’ve lost it.

Share with anyone

Sport + Fashion Tile Trackers
The Sport + Fashion Tile Trackers

Share a car, device, keys or bag with someone else? Well, Tile makes it easy to share with the important people in your lives. Perfect for families, friends, or roommates that need to share access with important items.

Need some more added gift inspo? Visit Tile online and take a look at their gift guide for inspiration.

Tile Tracker on the keychain
Tile Mate attached to my key