Google Chromecast

What does Google have to say about their latest creation, Chromecast? It’s the “Easiest way to enjoy online entertainment on the TV”. Just plug Chromecast into any HDTV and instantly control it with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Watch from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, and Chrome right on your TV with just a press of a button.

But how well does it play with iOS users? Thankfully, it plays REAL nice!

The 2-inch device runs a simplified version of the Chrome OS and connects directly to your WiFi for easy streaming. Developers who want to integrate their apps into Chromecast can do so by utilizing the Google’s Cast SDK. Something the Apple TV should have had this whole time.


You can purchase a Chromecast from the Google play store today with an expected shipment of August 2nd, 2013.

Buy now: $80 USD