With how far we’ve come with technology, you would think extending your WiFi signal would be easily attainable. WiFi is, after-all, the life blood of a home and office, which makes it pretty dang important. I for one could not go a day without the internet, and neither could my business. That’s why I wanted to share with my readers how I was able to make my mbps down and up consistent throughout m home.

Fixing a Poor WiFi Signal

The most common problem with WiFi at home and in the office is its signal. Typically you will find that the signal is only strong in certain areas, which leads to everyone bunching up around the wireless router trying to get the best connection. This is especially true in larger homes.

How to extend your wifi signal at home

My personal experience with this is in my two-story townhouse in Los Angeles. My wife Sarah and I both work from home, and before finding a way to strengthen our connection throughout the house, we were stuck working from our couch, which sits conveniently across from our wireless router. For many years, my office–with its expensive desktop and all–was avoided like the plague due to poor connectivity. Well, friends, I’m happy to report that I now have 100mbps down throughout my entire 900 sq ft home. Here’s how:

Meet my internet savior, the eero system

Assuming you have never heard about eero before, here’s everything you need to know about it and how it will improve your WiFi signal throughout your home.

eero Home WiFi System review
eero Home WiFi System


Let’s start at the base. Now in its 2nd generation, the elegantly designed eero box is the only WiFi access point of its size that’s tri-band, which means it can broadcast on three wireless radio bands at the same time. It also features two Ethernet ports, making it ideal for media rooms.

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eero Beacon

The eero Beacon is their latest product, and one I was very excited to get my hands on. It’s half the size of the 1st generation eero, has 30% better performance, and can plug effortlessly into any outlet. Not to mention a smart LED nightlight adjusts brightness depending on time of day.

eero Beacon review

The only thing to note other than how awesome it is, is that the eero Beacon needs an eero access point to work. This means you will need at least one eero box to get started. Thankfully for you, they made things easy by providing special all-in-one packages that will help you decide which WiFi system is best for you.

Here’s a simple diagram showing you how the eero ecosystem works.

Extend your WiFi signal with eero
Credit: eero

Setting up your eero is simple

Literally anyone can setup eero; it’s really that easy. Just for fun, I timed myself to see just how simple it was, and within 10-minutes of unboxing my Home WiFi System, downloading the eero App and plugging everything in, I was up and running. The app allows you to name your different devices, check internet speeds, make sure everything is talking to each other, and more.

My personal recommendation as far as setup goes is where you decide to place your eero and eero Beacons. Since my internet was extremely weak upstairs where my bedroom and office was, I made sure to focus on those areas when strategizing placement of my eero devices. One Beacon went into my bedroom and one in my office. This way the access point downstairs could send its strong signal to the upstairs effortlessly.

I’m kicking myself for not finding out about eero sooner. Many months have gone by where my office had practically turned into a closet. It was rendered useless due to slow internet speeds. I’m talking in the 4mbps up / 1mbps down range… if I was lucky. Now, as I previously mentioned, I’m averaging anywhere between 100-125mpbs up / 10-15mpbs down. The only issue? I find myself playing video games on my PC more instead of working. Whoops!

Now that I have reliable WiFi coverage in every room of my home, I want to share the same with you. Get yourself an eero Home WiFi System delivered to you ASAP with free overnight shipping using my code JOESDAILY. Make sure you select overnight shipping at checkout.

This post was sponsored by eero. All opinions are my own.