Inklet Turns Your MacBook Trackpad Into a Drawing Tablet

Have you ever wished your MacBook’s trackpad would do more than just move the cursor around the screen? Inklet ($25+) does just that, by turning your trackpad into a pen tablet. It even provides pressure sensitivity when using the application with a Pogo or one of Apple’s new MacBooks with the Force Touch trackpad.

Use Inklet with any of your favorite drawing apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Acorn, Pixelmator, Sketch, and more. By simply gliding your Pogo across the trackpad the cursor will hover without inking. Increase the pressure to draw; heavier pressure will thicken the stroke.

As I mentioned before, Inklet will work with Apple’s new Force Touch trackpad MacBooks, and the first 3rd party application to do so. You can even use your finger for those last minute touchups on the go or when you’re feeling a bit artsy.

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