The Insta360 ONE RS is the latest 4K 360 camera from the folks over at Insta360, and it’s turning a lot of heads, including mine.

Insta360 ONE RS

The Insta360 ONE RS is a content creator’s dream camera and one I can’t wait to properly review on my next trip. I’ll be heading to Alaska with Celebrity Cruises in June, so hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to put it through various tests on adventures, dining, and touring the ship.

To further inspire my future trips with the Insta360 ONE RS, I’ve compiled four videos Insta360 commissioned creators to produce for the launch of the new 360 camera. Check them out below:

Insta360 ONE RS – Wild Costa Rica in 4K (ft. Jake Rich & Anna Chah)

“Let the great re-wilding of the world begin with you.” Just like @Jake Rich and @Anna Chah you can shoot your adventures in breathtaking detail with Insta360 ONE RS. A new 4K Boost Lens captures stunning 48 megapixel photos, bold 4K60 video and true-to-life Active HDR. Thanks to its interchangeable design, you can also shoot epic 5.7K 360 with just the swap of a lens. Whether you dunk it 16ft underwater or shoot magic Invisible Selfie Stick shots, now in-camera FlowState Stabilization makes it even easier to share your wildest moments with the world.

Insta360 ONE RS – Dubai Desert Action

Go pedal to the metal with Insta360 ONE RS, the action cam that’s built for the dirt. Interchangeable lenses give you ultimate flexibility–shoot 4K 60fps with the new 4K Boost Lens or record epic 360 with the 5.7K 360 Lens. FlowState Stabilization is now built in and a rugged, waterproof design means you can mount up and strap in for full send action!

Insta360 ONE RS – All-Out Mountain Magic (ft. Sebastian Schieren)

Sometimes you gotta take things to the next level: go harder, higher and further than ever before Insta360 ONE RS is an ultra versatile winter sports camera that will match you every step of the way.

For wide angle footage that truly brings action to life, try the groundbreaking new Active HDR mode with the 4K Boost Lens, or snap a few 48MP stills of the breathtaking mountain scenery. All footage will be silky smooth thanks to smoother than ever FlowState Stabilization.

Swap to the 360 Lens for unbelievable third-person shots with the Invisible Selfie Stick. Hold it, stick it in your backpack, or mount to your helmet, and watch the stick disappear in the footage.

Insta360 ONE RS – Onboard with Kawasaki Racing Team

Take a thrilling lap around the track with Alex Lowes, WorldSBK rider for the Kawasaki Racing Team, as he puts Insta360 ONE RS to the ultimate test.

From the front of Lowes’ superbike to the back, ONE RS captures the ride from every epic angle in crystal-clear 4K. Enhanced in-camera FlowState Stabilization smooths out the action, resulting in ultra-stabilized, inducing footage. And if that wasn’t enough, even more killer angles are just a swap of a lens away with the 360 Lens.