Apple this time around has decided to phase out the old, instead of reducing the price of the previous model (although strangely the 4s will still be hanging around). Normally known for only having the latest and greatest, it would seem that the lower price point market was too large to be ignored. What was once a significantly priced smartphone, is now joining the ranks of Android and Windows phones to become a more moderately, and accessibly priced one. The iPhone 5c is what they have produced as the new and less costly model in the iPhone lineup. So what does the “c” stand for?  Pretty sure it stands for color. Plastic starts with a ‘P’ and not really new has two ‘n’s in it, so, yeah, guess that’s it. After debating between White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green, you’ll be delighted to find that the price is definitely reduced. $99 for the 16GB model, and then $199 for the 32GB. For those of you familiar to the notebooks of Apple, say hello to the MacBook phone.

Available for preorder September 13th, and available in stores and online September 20th.