BEZALEL Wireless Charging Accessories

One of the most anticipated features of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 was unquestionably its wireless charging capabilities, with reactions falling on the usual opposing ends of the spectrum. Other smartphone brands have had wireless charging as a feature for some time now, so Apple was met with both excitement and the miffed, “it’s about time.” Sadly, though, iPhone 7 Plus (and below) users don’t have the luxury of using Qi Wireless Charging accessories, however there are still options.

BEZALEL has developed a number of accessories that allow iPhone 6 – iPhone 7 Plus users to wirelessly charge their devices, while on the go in their car or in their home.

Latitude wireless charging case

BEZALEL Latitude Wireless Charging Case

The Latitude wireless charging case is available for all iPhone 6 models and above, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models, making them Qi-ready. You might be wondering why they’re available for the 2 models that are already wireless capable. BEZALEL has added in magnetic wireless power into their cases, making finding the perfect charging position as easy as placing it onto the charging pad.

Futura X Qi Wireless Charging Pad

BEZALEL Futura X Wireless Charging Pad

The BEZALEL Futura X Charging Pad works with all Qi-enabled devices. This of course includes iPhone and Android devices sporting the BEZALEL Latitude Case. You simply place your device on top and it instantly begins charging.

Prelude Mobile Wireless Charger

Prelude Mobile Wireless Chargger

The BEZALEL Prelude might be the most exciting device to come BEZALEL, as it’s the first rechargeable mobile wireless charger on the market. And as someone who needs their phone for work 24/7, I love not having to lug around extra cables and bulky charging cases just to keep my phone charged. The Prelude holds 3 full charges for iPhone 6, 2 full charges for Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge, 20 full charges for the Moto 360, and comes in black or white.

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