As someone who is on their phone a lot, I can tell you that not being able to look at my phone while driving is tough. In a world where technology is constantly surrounding us, we hate feeling like we’re disconnected — especially the teenagers.

For AT&T‘s It Can Wait campaign, they created DriveMode, an app that helps you avoid distractions while driving. Like silencing your text messages or automatically replying to messages you received. But that’s not all. Here are a few others features DriveMode can do:

Easy and convenient:

  • Turns on when the vehicle is moving
  • Access music and navigation with one touch

Keeping Young Drivers Safe:

  • AT&T DriveMode is turned off
  • Auto-Mode is disabled
  • New speed-dial number is added

The DriveMode app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Steps to Stop Texting Infographic

Disclosure: AT&T provided me with an iPhone to review DriveMode. All opinions are my own.