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I’ve reviewed many electric toothbrushes in my time, yet have never come across one as good as izzo and their 4-in-1 oral care system. Despite not having the formal education of a dentist, I would consider myself somewhat of an expert.

You see, I’ve accumulated well over a few hundred hours in a dentist chair, and no, that isn’t hyperbole. This was all due to a rare genetic disorder I was born with that made the enamel on my teeth weak and brittle. Because of this unfortunate defect, I’ve had to take extra good care of my teeth, as well as spend thousands of dollars on reconstruction, veneers, and caps. So yeah, I would say I know a good electric toothbrush when I see one.

Unboxing izzo: 4-In-1 Oral Care System

First things first, let’s go over what comes in the izzo Oral Care System. ($129.95 USD)

izzo Dental Kit Unboxing and Review
Unboxed izzo Oral Care System

Izzo Power Handle & Oscillating Toothbrush Head

The izzo Power Handle comes with 3 speed settings—Ultra, Daily, and Gentle—allowing you to personalize your brushing experience to your liking. I was relieved to see they offered just three settings, as many of the other electric toothbrushes on the market go a bit overboard with 4+ settings. Who needs that?

Additionally, the Power Handle has an automatic 2-minute timer, with 30-second intervals to let you know when to switch from one mouth quadrant to another.

When you’re ready to change brush heads, simply twist the Brush Head or Polishing Cup Head to remove from the Power Handle.

Polishing Cup Head & Enamel Polishing Paste

At the end of a cleaning, your dental hygienist will likely polish your teeth with a polishing brush and special paste. I’ve always cherished this part of a cleaning because of how pristine my teeth feel afterward, not to mention the glow it gives them.

izzo Polish Brush and Enamel Polishing Paste

The izzo Polishing Cup Head removes surface stains 73% better than advanced whitening toothpastes on the market, and is 45% less abrasive. Simply attach the OscillatingOscilliating Cup Head to izzo’s hybrid Power Handle, spread a small amount of izzo’s Enamel Paste and begin polishing.

Being able to polish my teeth at home has been a game changer, especially since I’m a fan of red wines and coffee, which are arguably two liquids notorious for stainingat staining teeth.

Izzo Scaler

A scaler is something you traditionally see at your dental office to combat plaque, but not something you would usually see in your medicine cabinet… until now.

izzo Dental Scaler

The izzo dental Scaler is tough; made from medical-grade polymer, not metal like at your dentist’s office. Because of the materials they used to create this particular scaler, you can be sure it won’t scratch your teeth and you can safely remove debris and plaque from those hard-to-reach areas.

UVC Sanitizer

Something we don’t consider enough when it comes to dental hygiene is the millions of bacteria living on our brush heads. It’s gross to think about, I know, but there’s a solution for it and it comes in your izzo system.

The izzo UVC Sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just 3 minutes. This sleek, clever little device is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use. Thanks to its built-in timer, you simply open it up, place your izzo Brush Head or izzo Polishing Cup Head in its respective slot, close it, and let the UVC Sanitizer do the rest.

izzo UVC Sanitizer

izzo Review

The built-in battery takes 2 hours to recharge and holds a charge for 2 weeks. I traveled with my entire izzo on a recent business trip and left the charger at home.

Included Accessories

Inside each izzo Oral Care System you will find a charging base with slots for the Power Handle, Scaler, and Polishing Cup Head, a 2-port USB wall charger, and USB-C cable to connect the charging base and UVC Sanitizing Case.

Review Conclusion

After a solid week using izzo, I can say that it is hands down the best oral care system I’ve reviewed to date. Everything that comes inside has been meticulously designed with everyone’s oral needs in mind. The polishing head and paste is by far my favorite feature and is something I plan to use at least once a week to keep my teeth looking bright, vibrant, and clean.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the savings you get with signing up for one of izzo’s Subscriptions. You should be changing out your brush heads a few times a year, so having a way to pre-order is a great way to never forget.


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