It is possible to take 3D pictures and videos on a single lens camera. Kúla Deeper does the magic and it is being crowdfunded on

The Kula Deeper

Photographers are usually not willing to put their SLR camera and lenses on the shelve for a new 3D camera. And the 3D camera can simply not replace the SLR. But with Kúla Deeper you can do both; continue shooting amazing 2D pictures with your SLR and have some fun with 3D photography.

This stylish device is based on a simple mirror system that projects two perspectives of the same subject side-by-side into the camera lens, resulting in a stereoscopic picture. The result can for example be enjoyed directly on the camera screen with the retro looking stereo viewer or in your high tech 3D television after conversion to MPO with the software Kúlacode.

Check it out if you want to experiment with some 3D photography. Kúla Deeper is available at until October 4th.

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