If you’re familiar with Joe’s Daily at all, then you know that children’s toys aren’t usually our thing. However—especially since our first niece was born a few years ago—when I see one I get excited about, I can’t wait to share. I’m sure just at first glance you can see why the Droid Inventor Kit by littleBits speaks to me. I mean, what’s not to love? First off, it’s R2-D2, so we’re already starting off on a pretty awesome foot. Second, it’s educational in the best way. Not only will whatever kid that plays with this thing be learning a valuable skill, they’ll probably enjoy themselves so much they won’t even realize it.

littleBits Droid Building

These days, most of us spend a huge portion of our time using an electronic device of some kind, and kids are no exception. As littleBits points out on their site, despite this fact, very few of us know how they work or how to create them. The good news is they’re out to change this. With the Droid Inventor Kit, kids (or adults) have everything they need to create a Droid of their very own. As if this wasn’t enough, they’re ridiculously customizable, the parts are completely reusable, and it comes with over 16 missions with the free app. So when it comes to toys you drop a pretty penny on, just to watch the child get tired of it after about a week, this is not on that list.

LittleBits has plenty of other kits available as well. From coding to music, they offer educational toys for just about everyone. If you have a spare moment to check them out, as well as learn about the company itself, I highly recommend you do. To say what they’re doing is pretty impressive and commendable is putting it very lightly.

The Droid Inventor Kit is recommended for ages 8+, available for $99.95, and is available for purchase here.