Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft just launched a first in their Surface line with the Microsoft Surface Book ($1499+ USD). Before, the Surface was a cross between a laptop and a tablet, confusing most of the basic consumers with what it actually was.

The Microsoft Surface Book however is made to be a killer version of both thanks to its unique hinge design. When attached it looks and acts as a laptop, but can easily be detached to be made as a fully functioning tablet. Flip it all the way around and now you have a creative canvas, perfect to use with its included stylus for sketching, notes, and more.

Its sleek, handsome good looks isn’t all that should be mentioned. What’s inside the Microsoft Surface Book might surprise you. Consumers can customize it with: a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor; i5 Intel HD Graphics 520 or i5/i7 NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor; and 8GB or 16GB RAM — all packed neatly in a magnesium casing. The display features a 13.5″ PixelSense display (3000×2000) and 10 point multi-touch.

Up until now it seemed as though Apple was dominating the laptop market. Wherever you go it’s MacBook this, MacBook that, but the new Microsoft Surface Book might be the game changer Microsoft needed. To pre-order yours and learn more about it, visit

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