Ex-Google + Disney Team Unveils Next-Gen Gaming for Kids

I have to admit, this is even a weird video for me to post since it revolves around something I don’t have, kids. Call me jealous, but where was this when I was a little tike? A group of ex-Google and Disney employees recently unveiled Osmo ($57), a next-gen hardware gaming device that is aiming to connect kids to the world around them. Osmo consists of three-parts: a newly invented Reflective Artificial Intelligence camera, game pieces, and mobile apps you download to your iPad. The only thing the package doesn’t include, if this wasn’t already obvious from the price, is an iPad. But let’s be real, if you have a kid, you have an iPad. Who else is babysitting in the backseat during those long family road trips?

Kids Playing with Osmo

All jokes aside, Osmo is awesome. The games are designed with children ages 6-12 in mind, however you can play together with the whole family. In the demonstration video above you see a group of kids working together to solve problems. This is what makes Osmo so great: creative thinking, social interaction, and utilizing life skills — all while playing a game and having a blast.



Pre-order Osmo here – https://www.playosmo.com

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