Presented by Intel Security

I was ecstatic when I found out Intel Security and McAfee teamed up to create a special website this holiday season specificially to help users protect their tech toys. I myself have been a victim of a hacker – aka. Cyber Scrooge – a few holidays ago. It was not exactly the most cheerful Christmas that year.

Island of Hackable Toys - Intel Security x McAfee

The Island of Hackable Toys features our most beloved tech products and tips on how you can secure them from digital misfits. Below is just a taste of the tips they provide, so I urge you to get the full helping over on the official site.

Protect Your Tech

Laptops & PC
Backup your files… often! I can’t stress this enough. You never know when your most important files will be compromised by a Cyber Scrooge, so it’s best to always have a clean version ready to replace the infected. Malware is your worst enemy, and this is your solution to fight it off.

Mobile Devices
Sorry iPhone users, this one is for the Android folk. Install McAfee Mobile Security (FREE) to provide your mobile device with anti-virus, anti-theft, and privacy protection. It also includes battery boosting features, which is definitely welcomed.

Connected Home
This may sound like a given, but you’ll be surprised how many people use the default password on their home devices. Not smart! It’s always recommend you employ the security settings of your device and chance the default password immediately. If advanced configurations are available, make sure you use them to their full capacity.

Yes, drones can be hacked, too. Look for drones that use encrypted communications and strong authentication. The last thing you’ll want is some Cyber Scrooge taking down your very expensive tech while it’s mid-air.

Enter the Sweepstakes

If the above teaser for keeping your favorite tech products safe wasn’t enough to visit the site, perhaps a sweepstakes will convince you. Head on over to The Island of Hackable Toys and enter their sweepstakes for a trip for 2 to Iceland.

Presented by Intel Security