The RED RAVEN ($5,950+ USD) is the latest camera added to RED’s impressive camera lineup. It utilizes the RED DRAGON sensor, giving shooters the reassurance of a perfect shot every time. Built to shoot at high-speeds, the RED RAVEN captures footage with REDCODE® RAW in 4K at 120 fps or 2K at 240 fps.

What might make the RED RAVEN even more impressive is its lack of weight. Weighing in at just 3.5 pounds (body only) makes it ideal for anyone, even those looking to attach it to a drone.

“RED RAVEN is a new category in our line up,” says Jarred Land, President of Red Digital Cinema.  “It’s a younger, hungrier, more ‘spirited’ member of the RED family with a bit of a chip on its shoulder, ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that users will be incredibly proud of.”

RED RAVEN will begin shipping in February 2016, and deposits for pre-order are already being accepted. You can choose to either buy the brain only for $5,950 USD ($500 deposit), build a kit to your liking, or a complete package under $10,000. The RED RAVEN Base I/O Package features everything a content creator could want, while the RED RAVEN JETPACK Package was curated specially for use with drones, jibs, cranes, and handheld gimbals.

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