RODE, a brand synonymous with top-tier microphones, has taken a colossal leap forward. The new RODE Wireless PRO microphone system – the successor of the wildly popular Wireless ME – sets a new gold standard for compact wireless audio systems. It’s not merely about the features; it’s about packing in power and versatility that caters to the sophisticated needs of modern creators and filmmakers.

Ultra-Compact & High Performance

The Wireless PRO seamlessly combines power with elegance. Its pocket-sized design, accentuated with a sleek black-on-black aesthetic, carries the hallmark of RODE’s compact wireless range. But don’t let its size deceive you. This powerhouse utilizes RODE’s cutting-edge Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission technology, ensuring crystal-clear, stable audio for up to an astounding 260m (850 ft). Whether you’re shooting with cameras, smartphones, or computers, it promises universal compatibility.

Unprecedented Audio Quality

Unboxing RODE Wireless Pro
What’s in the RODE Wireless PRO box

Ever experienced the anguish of distorted audio clips? With RODE Wireless PRO, those days are gone. The 32-bit float on-board recording feature, backed by a whopping 32GB internal memory, means audio won’t clip. This pioneering tech ensures a flawless backup every time, streamlining creators’ workflow like never before.

Additionally, RODE’s unique GainAssist technology and a range of other features like flexible output gain control ensure audio perfection. Whether recording directly to a camera or any device, this mic system adapts, ensuring optimal audio output.

Effortless Recording and Syncing

The Wireless PRO is not just about recording; it’s also about seamless post-production. The in-built timecode generator makes syncing audio to video an absolute breeze. No more investing in external timecode systems. This feature, combined with the RODE Central app’s flexibility, ensures creators are always in control.

Brimming with Features

The Wireless PRO is feature-packed, from locking lavalier connectors to plug-in power detection that smartly syncs with connected cameras. Whether it’s audio monitoring through its 3.5mm output, marker dropping, or customizable buttons – this system has it all. Configure it on the go with RØDE Central, and tailor it to your exact needs.

All-In-One Pro Accessory Kit

RODE Wireless PRO charging case
RODE Wireless PRO smart charging case

Right out of the box, the Wireless PRO offers everything a creator might need. A smart charge case ensures your gear is always ready. The kit also includes two Lavalier II microphones, MagClip GO magnetic mounting clips, furry windshields, and all necessary cables. To top it off, this masterpiece is crafted in RODE’s Sydney-based precision facilities, guaranteeing unmatched quality.

Setting a groundbreaking benchmark for wireless audio, the Wireless PRO is unrivaled in its capabilities. No microphone in the market promises the myriad of features or the guaranteed pristine audio that RODE’s latest marvel does.

And here’s the cherry on the cake – this stellar microphone system is hitting stores worldwide and will be available by the end of this month at an attractive price of US $399. With Wireless PRO, RODE has once again asserted its supremacy in audio innovation for the modern creator. I personally can’t wait to try this new mic system on my next trip.