Unveiling the Compact Powerhouse: RODECaster Duo

Renowned audio equipment manufacturer RODE has once again changed the game with its newest release: the RODECaster Duo. This compact audio production console builds on the company’s revolutionary RODECaster Pro II’s groundbreaking features and high-end capabilities, bringing unparalleled sound quality and unmatched creative flexibility to an even smaller and more portable form factor.

In 2018, RODE changed the narrative for podcasters and content creators, releasing the all-in-one RODECaster Pro. This console condensed the complexity of an entire broadcast studio into a user-friendly device, democratizing creator technology. The RODECaster Pro II then took this a step further, with a complete redesign, pushing the boundaries in audio performance and creative flexibility. Now, the RODECaster Duo is set to follow in these footsteps, providing big results for creators looking for a small desktop footprint.

Feature-rich and Ready for Production

The RODECaster Duo is a compact integrated audio production studio designed specifically for podcasters and content creators. This console boasts ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps™ for world-class audio quality, and two high-quality Neutrik® combo inputs for connecting various devices. Plus, it includes an integrated wireless receiver for connecting RODE Series IV wireless devices, a 3.5mm TRRS input for headphones and headsets, and seven individually assignable channels with four physical and three virtual faders.

Also, the Duo doesn’t compromise on the sound quality or audio processing prowess of its bigger siblings. It features the same studio-quality APHEX® audio processing and high-definition 5.5-inch touchscreen, with the added benefit of dual USB-C interfaces, advanced Bluetooth® connectivity, and six programmable SMART pads.

A Compact Console for Solo Creators and Podcast Duos

While it is compact, the RODECaster Duo offers considerable flexibility. Designed with solo creators and two-person podcasts in mind, it features two headphone outputs for audio monitoring and an in-built dual-channel wireless receiver. The Duo’s versatility extends further with a 3.5mm TRRS input for additional headphones or a headset. These extra audio inputs can be assigned to any channel, and processing or effects can be applied, just like with an XLR microphone or analog input.

RODECaster Duo inputs

Portability Meets Customization

The RODECaster Duo is the epitome of portable podcasting solutions. It’s compact and lightweight enough to fit into a backpack, making it ideal for both in-studio and on-the-road use. It’s capable of recording directly to a computer, an on-board microSD™ card, or an external storage device. And, if needed, it can even run off a power bank, ensuring the ability to record professional productions anywhere, anytime.

The Duo isn’t just portable – it’s customizable. Each of its seven audio channels is individually assignable, with granular on-board editing for fine-tuning every parameter. Plus, its SMART pads are fully programmable, allowing users to trigger sounds, voice effects, MIDI commands, and mixer actions – all at their fingertips.

Evolving with the Creator

The RODECaster Duo is not just an audio console; it’s an evolving audio solution that grows with its user. With future firmware updates, the Duo will unlock new features and performance enhancements, keeping pace with its bigger sibling, the RODECaster Pro II.

RODE CEO Damien Wilson said, “We are thrilled to now offer the same features and processing power in a more compact form factor for creators who need fewer audio inputs but don’t want to compromise on audio quality.”

As the latest addition to RODE’s innovative line of audio solutions, the RODECaster Duo is an exciting development in the realm of content creation and podcasting.