The new Freestyle Projector by Samsung is the ultimate device for anyone who wants to watch their favorite content anywhere. This portable projector can project a 1080p image on up 100-inch and automatically adjusts distortion as well wall color so you always get the perfect picture, even if there’s an issue with either one! The integrated 5-watt woofer will deliver sound waves in every direction which makes this product deeply immersive & cinematic – not just when watching movies but also playing games or listening to music too! You won’t need batters, either, because it comes preloaded onto its own power bank (external USB connection required), plus includes compatibility options for tablets.

With a built-in Smart TV system, you’ll have instant access to your favorite streaming apps and the ability for voice commands with either Alexa or Bixby. There’s also automatic keystone correction so videos are always in proper proportions no matter where they’re watching from!

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