Hey content creators, podcasters, streamers, and everyone in between! We have some exciting news to share today that’s set to transform your content game to a whole new level. RODE has dropped their latest innovation, and it’s nothing short of a game-changer: meet the Streamer X!

Streamlining Your Streaming with the Streamer X

With the Streamer X, RODE has successfully integrated three crucial components of streaming into a single, user-friendly console: a professional audio interface, video capture card, and control surface. This innovative product is set to make professional-quality content creation simpler and more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced streamer, you’ll appreciate the streamlined design that replaces a complex, multi-device setup while delivering top-notch quality.

Imagine having the power to broadcast stellar audio and video right from a single device. It doesn’t matter if you’re live-streaming your gaming prowess on Twitch, recording an insightful video podcast, creating captivating content for YouTube, or giving a professional presentation for work – the Streamer X has got your back!

Look and Sound Incredible

In the world of streaming, creating content that looks and sounds incredible is crucial. Streamer X makes this easy for everyone; no prior experience is needed. It offers HDMI input for connection with a range of video sources, supporting up to 4K30 streaming for ultra-high video quality, and even 4K60 passthrough for zero-latency, real-time monitoring. With Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support, smooth gaming without any lag or screen tearing is a given. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows, and its plug-and-play functionality means no hassles with set-up or software.

RODE Streamer X

On the audio front, Streamer X is equally powerful. It boasts a studio-grade Neutrik® combo jack for connection with XLR microphones or instruments. An ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™ ensures top-tier audio quality, while a built-in wireless receiver allows for connection with RODE Series IV wireless microphones. The internal DSP allows you to add studio-grade APHEX® processing to your microphone, making next-level audio quality within your reach.

Streamer X’s Flexible Control On the Fly

The Streamer X also moonlights as a control surface with four customizable SMART pads. First introduced in the revolutionary RODECaster Pro II, these SMART pads can be set to perform a variety of functions. They can trigger audio effects, send MIDI commands for keyboard shortcuts, and other actions with just the press of a button. With access to up to 16 banks of pads, you’ll have up to 64 unique actions at your fingertips – a level of control and creative flexibility that’s hard to match.

Easy Configuration and Advanced Features with RODE Apps

The Streamer X is fully compatible with RODE’s suite of desktop apps and software. Using the RODE Central companion app, you can activate and control on-board processing, access audio configuration profiles optimized for different content creation types, and customize your SMART pads. And let’s not forget its seamless integration with RODE’s free virtual mixing software for streaming, UNIFY. The combo of Streamer X and UNIFY is a match made in heaven for livestreamers and gamers!

RODE CEO Damien Wilson shares the excitement, stating that the Streamer X is a significant paradigm shift in streaming technology. “Just like the RODECaster Pro, which made podcasting super simple by combining what otherwise required thousands of dollars in equipment to achieve, the Streamer X will make streaming more accessible than it has ever been.”

Conclusion: The Future of Streaming is Here

With the Streamer X, the future of streaming technology has arrived. Never has capturing professional video and audio been so straightforward or streamlined. It’s the perfect solution for creators who want to keep things simple without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or a budding content creator, it’s time to let your creativity soar with RODE’s Streamer X. Happy streaming!