We’ve all heard stories about extraordinary, visually impaired individuals that use echolocation via tongue clicks to navigate the world around them. Now, with the recent introduction of the Sunu band, it seems the method stands to take off—with a technological twist.

Sunu is a smartband that uses a combination of sonar and haptic feedback to inform wearers of how close or far an object is, up to 16 feet away. Users also have the option of customizing the sensitivity, feedback, and range to better suit their personal needs. The idea was to create a discreet product, to be used in addition to a cane or guide dog, that helps to improve awareness even further. So, with the Sunu, fewer accidents to the upper body, following in a line and maintaining personal space with ease, and navigating through crowded spaces and doorways more smoothly should all be that much simpler.

Sunu Echolocation Tech

The Sunu is currently back-ordered until December 15th, but you can still order yours for the preorder price of $250 here. Regular retail price is set to be $300.

Check out sunu.io for testimonials and more information.