The Kyocera DIGNO Rafre is a Smartphone You Can Wash With Soap and Water

Japanese smartphone maker Kyocera is no stranger to creating a tough phone. In fact, they’ve created a line of tough phones for several years now. Their latest model is the Kyocera DIGNO Rafre, a phone that comes with a waterproof layer, a toughened pane of Asahi Dragontrail X Glass and a self-healing back panel.

Combined together, the DIGNO Rafre’s hardware is waterproof, so don’t worry about getting it dirty. You can clean it with warm water and soap like you were cleaning the dishes. You’ll see what I mean in the DIGNO Rafre commercial below:



This latest and greatest innovation from Kyocera comes in three colors: pink, white and blue, though these are currently only available in Japan. As of right now there is no word on when the US might receive the DIGNO Rafre model or if it will be available SIM-free. Currently it’s available on Japan’s au network with 4G LTE.

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