The Most Intimidating Streaming Headphones (Not) Around

I think it’s safe to say that, as someone that writes about cool gear—as well as someone that grew up playing video games of all kinds—I’ve seen my fair share of interesting gaming paraphernalia come and go. That said, the conceptual ASUS ROG Strix Pro 7.1s might just be the coolest looking set of streaming headphones I’ve come across. Designed by Shao Chun Sung and Boge Lin, the sleek set features a modern, angular band wrapped around ample ear cushions that have been capped with a housing containing LED rings set to look like a pair of don’t-f***-with-me eyes. (long description, you still here?) Honestly, the resulting threatening effect comes across so successfully that the vibe would most likely be felt by anyone the wearer may be playing against—not just those that can see them.

asus rog strix pro streaming headphones

In addition to the interesting design of the ASUS ROG Strix Pro 7.1s, they also include a control knob on the cord and an audio interface station that probably just about anything and everything that a streamer could hope for.

asus rog strix pro sound

If you’re thinking to yourself, “hey, those kinda look familiar,” you’re not losing your mind. While this particular pair of streaming headphones aren’t available as an actual product, the ones that inspired them are and can be purchased for about $200.

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