When I first started to stream games to Twitch on my PC, my biggest concern was my webcam. Part of the appeal to streaming is to communicate with your audience, so feeling as though you’re accessible is important. I quickly found out that having an expensive streaming camera isn’t going to always produce the results you want. Like film and photography, the key element is to have good lighting, but that can get expensive.

The Razer Kiyo solves both affordability and quality in one piece of hardware. You can forget setting up several lights to achieve the perfect lighting for streaming because the Kiyo features an onboard ring light that produces even and flattering light while taking out harsh shadows. You can easily adjust the brightness on the fly to produce the results you want. Lastly, it streams video at 720p/60fps and 1080p/30fps.

I’m excited to get my hands on the Razer Kiyo to try it out myself. I recently purchased a green screen backdrop for my streams and have been battling a major shadow problem. It seems as though this will rid that issue.

Razer Kiyo is Streamer Certified

And yes, in case you were wondering, the Kiyo is Streamer Certified. Watch iijeriichoii, 骆歆 LUO XIN, and FazonHD put it to the test and provide their stamp of approval.