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Truth be told, I almost never see a doctor when I should. Of course, it has everything to do with being limited on time—something I think many can easily relate to. Whether it’s a sinus infection, allergies, or even the flu, I almost always let it go because I feel like I’m just too busy to get myself to a doctor. The result? I often end up losing considerably more time than I was trying to save because I get too sick to work. And it’s been this way for basically my whole adult life. Lucky for me, thanks to UnitedHealthcare’s Virtual Visits, it looks like this will now be a thing of the past.

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visit app on the go
You can use the Virtual Visit apps anywhere–even on a hike!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that nearly all of my poor health habits were developed in college. It’s taken about ten years, but I think I’ve finally fixed the bulk of them. All things considered, it’s not really shocking that so many of us seem to suddenly forget everything we know about things like nutrition and sleep requirements when we go off to school. We’re young, taking care of ourselves for the first time, trying to define ourselves, and suddenly busier than we’ve ever been (not to mention the pressure). So, yes, lots of mistakes get made. And, yes, I ran my body down and was sick pretty often. While this hasn’t been exactly the case for a while, how I handle it when I do get under the weather hadn’t changed much until recently.

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Now, if you’re a UnitedHealthcare customer, you can see a doctor without ever leaving the comfort of your home/dorm room. A Virtual Visit is exactly what it sounds like. You just download the app to your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play, register, and when you get sick you can either ask to talk to a doctor immediately or schedule an appointment. So now when I get sick, I only need to take 5 minutes or less to get it taken care of. Kind of a lot more ideal than the days it could turn into before.

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits on iPhone

Download UnitedHealthcare’s Virtual Visit apps here. Each visit runs about $40 or less with your plan.

Be well!