Catching Up on Your Favorite Shows Just Got Easier

Everyone has a favorite TV show. Mine was Heroes up until it ended back in 2010. Thankfully NBC did all of us Heroes fans a solid and created their latest show Heroes Reborn, a continuation of Heroes by series creator Tim Kring.

Whether your favorite show is Heroes Reborn or The Blacklist (another favorite), keeping up with each episode can be difficult when life becomes busy. I absolutely hate missing my science fiction drama when I’m traveling for work, but thanks to NBC TVEverywhere, I don’t have to.

NBC TVEverywhere - Heroes Reborn

All you need to do is logon to TVEverywhere’s site using your desktop or laptop computer, enter the same username and password you use for your existing cable subscription, and that’s it. You will be watching your show’s latest episode in seconds.

If you’re ready to stream live TV and catch-up on full episodes, click the image above and get started. What are you waiting for?