If you’re a serious golfer, then chances are you collect the courses you play. Same goes for scorecards and especially the golf holes. Heck, I’m not even a regular golfer and I’ve started collecting famous golf holes I’ve played, like the infamous hole 17 at Sawgrass and Hilton Head’s 18th at Harbor Town. In addition to these two legendary courses, there are 3 others that serious golfers need to add to their bucket list, all of which are easily accessible via their respective resorts.

18th Hole on the East Course at The Broadmoor Golf Course

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado is The Broadmoor Golf Course. It was here, in 1959, a young Jack Nicklaus birdied the final hole to defeat Charlie Coe in the finals of the United States Amateur Championship. This marked Nicklaus’ first major championship victory, and what some might say changed the game of golf forever. He later went on to dominate the sport with 18 Majors and 19 second place finishes.

Jack Nicklaus at The Broadmoor

19th Hole at Furnace Creek Resort Golf Course

Located in Death Valley, just 120 miles north of Las Vegas, is the Furnace Creek Resort, which holds the title for the world’s lowest golf course at 214 feet below seal level. So don’t expect that drive to go as far as usual. Their 19th hole is famous for being one of the only drive-up and through golf car ramps in the country. I should also mention they are known for their local packs of coyotes that love the palm tree dates.

Furnace Creek Resort Golf Course

17th Hole at Kingsmill Resort Golf Course

If you’re looking for American history and an excuse to golf, Williamsburg, Virginia is the place to be. At the Kingsmill Resort’s River Golf Course, while walking hole 17, players are stepping on the same land where the Jamestown settlers stepped off their boat back in 1607. The old pilings from the original port can be seen in the river, starting the road from the James River to Williamsburg.

Kingsmill Resort River Golf Course