There is literally endless amount of things to love about going on cruise. From the adventure at sea to the onboard entertainment to the endless amount of food. For me, it’s almost always the latter.

Last month I had the pleasure of experiencing Carnival Cruise Lines for the first time in five years. The trip was coordinated by men’s lifestyle site, Men Who Blog. The idea was to get together some old, some new men’s journalists for a fun 7-day cruise through the Caribbean. It was a blast!

Since we ate our way through the Carnival Sunshine ship and experienced everything their restaurants had to offer, I thought it would be worth highlighting a few of my favorite places to eat onboard. Below you will find options for both quick, anytime dining and sit down restaurants.

Ji Ji Asian Kitchen on the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship

1. Ji Ji Asian Kitchen ($15 Adults, $5 Kids)

By day, Ji Ji Asian Kitchen serves up delicious wok bowls that are light, yet full of flavor; by night, the restaurant turns into a modern dining experience you won’t soon forget. It was definitely my favorite spot for dinner.

Since we had a table of 9+ people we ended up just ordering everything on the menu and passing it around. There wasn’t one thing on the menu we didn’t love.

Guy's Burger Joint on the Carnival Sunshine

2. Guy’s Burger Joint (Included)

I love hamburgers. So when I heard there was a place poolside to grab a burger and fries, I was very excited. Carnival teamed up with Food Network personality Guy Fieri to create Guy’s Burger Joint. Grab a fresh-off-the-grill burger Guy’s way or visit the dressing station and make it just the way you like it. Don’t forget a side of their fresh-cut french fries.

Steakhouse Carnival Sunshine

3. Steakhouse ($35 Adults, $35 Kids)

Some people are turned off by the thought of spending additional money on a dinner during a cruise, but I can assure you the Steakhouse restaurant is worth it. Their menu features drool worthy premium cuts of beef cooked to your liking, as well as delectable seafood, entrées, and gourmet appetizers. I recommend asking your waiter for a bottle of wine that will pair well with your entrée choice.

Each meal includes an appetizer, salad, entrée, side and dessert. A reservation for Steakhouse is highly recommended.

Bonsai Sushi - Carnival Sunshine

4. Bonsai Sushi (Additional)

I’ve had my fair share of sushi on both land and at sea; Bonsai Sushi has made my favorites list. Carefully-pruned bonsai trees surround you while you munch on the menu’s selection of fresh catches, soups, sides, sakes and desserts. No reservation is needed, so stop into Bonsai Sushi anytime while on the Carnival Sunshine and pickup a roll, a box, or one of their whole ships (feeds two).

Cucina del Capitano Carnival Sunshine

5. Cucina Del Capitano ($15 Adults, $5 Kids)

Cucina Del Capitano is open during the day for anytime dining. Grab yourself some delicious pasta for lunch or when you’re needing just a quick snack.

Similar to Ji Ji’s (same location too), Cucina Del Capitano transforms into a dinner experience you’ll love. The Italian-American dishes are inspired by the Italian captains’ and officers’ recipes they grew up with. Everything is served family-style in a warm, comfy environment decorated to make you feel like you’re at home. You will find vintage images of Carnival’s captains and ships hanging on the walls.

Like Steakhouse, it’s highly recommended you make a reservation for Cucina Del Capitano.

Dr. Seuss - Green Eggs & Hame Breakfast

Bonus: Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast ($5 Adults, $5 Kids)

I debated on whether or not I would include this in my top 5, so I decided to add it as a bonus. This Dr. Seuss inspired breakfast really only appeals to guests with kids, kids at heart, or true Dr. Seuss fanatics. The entire dining room is turned into a Dr. Seuss wonderland, filled with a Cat in the Hat ice sculpture, green eggs and ham (to eat), and more! Definitely worth taking the little ones to.

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