The East Coast of the United States has plenty of coastal views that are stunning and picturesque. Not to mention, that it happens to have some of the best dining experiences on the water. Whether you’re looking for some good old-fashioned surf and turf, your favorite seafood, or something else – you’re bound to find it in one of the five different locations that we will unveil in this guide. Let’s go on a road trip across the eastern coast of the United States where you can find the next best-hidden gem along the water.

SeaSalt Restaurant – Cape May, NJ

We begin this road trip on the south end of New Jersey. That’s where we’ll end up in Cape May, a place that is known for its Victorian charm and beautiful beaches. The Sea Salt restaurant is right next to the Cape May Ocean Club hotel. It might be one of the best restaurants in Cape May.

If you’re looking for delicious dishes like Truffle-infused pasta or grilled octopus, you’ll get to enjoy not only the best seafood you’ve ever tasted but also some awesome views to boot. We guarantee that it might be one of the best coastal experiences you’ll ever enjoy.

The Clarke Cooke House – Newport, RI

Let’s take a trip up north now to Rhode Island. Imagine watching boats sail on by as you’re enjoying a lobster roll or maybe a bowl of clam chowder. At the Clarke Cooke House in Newport, you might find yourself enjoying what this New England state has to offer when it comes to delicious food and beautiful views.

Fleet Landing – Charleston, SC

Oceanfront dining? Check. Southern hospitality? Check.

Charleston is known for being one of the best coastal towns in the southeastern United States. Here along the banks of the Cooper River is the Fleet Landing restaurant. If you’re looking for some Southern-style seafood such as low country boil and shrimp and grits, you’re in for quite the treat. If you ever make a trip to Historic Charleston, it may not be complete without a visit to this place before moving on to your next destination.

Juvia – Miami Beach, FL

So many options, and so little time. If you ever find yourself in Miami Beach, Juvia should be the place to check out for all kinds of excellent International dishes. Maybe you fancy yourself someone who wants to eat Japanese, French, or maybe some kind of other dish from around the world? If you also love art deco, you might find this place a bit more appealing to you.
You’re not going to believe this – you also get to enjoy a rooftop view of the city of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean. Now how cool is that?

Reading Room Restaurant – Bar Harbor, ME

The state of Maine is known for its beautiful coast. One of its most popular destinations is none other than Bar Harbor situated close by from the iconic Acadia National Park. Before hiking Cadillac Mountain and checking out the legendary Thunder Hole, why not check out the Reading Room Restaurant? It’s located inside the Bar Harbor Inn where you are greeted by ocean views and a menu featuring some of the local Delicacies including oysters and yes even Maine lobster tail.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found this list of must-try oceanfront dining experiences helpful. When planning your next road trip to any of these locations, don’t miss out on trying out these awesome restaurants. Who knows – you might find a dish worth ranting and raving about for a long time.