5 Things in My Vegas Bag

A question I get quite often is what I pack in my Vegas bag. Perhaps it’s because I live in Los Angeles, and the verdict is if you live in LA, you automatically visit Sin City more times than you do the dentist. The sad truth is the assumptions are correct. Typically I’m in Vegas — whether for business or pleasure — at least three to four times a year. It only makes sense when you can fly there for cheap in less than an hour or arrive by car in four.

And since I’m a frequent visitor of Las Vegas, and all of its craziness, I like to think I have a fairly good grasp on what you should and shouldn’t bring with you. For example: if you’re checking a bag, you’re already doing it wrong.

To help you pack everything you’ll ever need to Vegas on your next trip, here is my list of 5 things I put in my Vegas bag. If you have any ‘must-haves’ that you think I left out, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


1. Quick Dry Swim Trunks

There are pools at every hotel, and definitely one of the coolest places to be during the day in Vegas. Chances are you are already packing some swim trunks with you for your day out in the sun. To take it a step further I recommend finding a brand that makes quick dry swim trunks. This way if you get the urge to jump out of the pool and into the casino, you aren’t dripping wet.

Pepto-Bismol To-Go Tablets in Cherry Flavor

Pepto-Bismol To-Go

2. All Things Pepto-Bismol

Ok, but really — how many times have you over indulged with one too many plates at the buffet? Whether it’s morning, noon or night, eating too much can cause nausea, heartburn, indigestion, or upset stomach. This is why I recommend bringing along Pepto-Bismol To-Go. It’s a small little to-go vial with Cherry Chewable Tablets that will provide you the relief you need, quick! I usually have it in my pocket the entire trip just in case.

Bring an Extra Pair of Sunglasses

3. Two Pairs of Sunglasses

I don’t care if they’re designer or cheap sunglasses you found in a convenience store, make sure you pack a few pairs of shades with you. This isn’t to give you fashionable options with each wardrobe change, it’s to simply guarantee you eye protection in case one pair gets lost. I have personally been a victim of this, where I had a pair of glasses stolen at the pool, or in another case, I left behind at one of the many casinos I was at. You do not want to be without sunglasses your entire trip. It’s not fun.

Suit Jacket for Las Vegas

4. One Suit Jacket

It’s “Vegas, Baby”, so make sure you’re dressed the part. One nice suit jacket is all you really need to pull-off a stylish few nights in Las Vegas. Most jackets will work as a casual cool look, coupled with a plain t-shirt and jeans, or a collared shirt and dress pants. Rinse-and-repeat the next night, and everyone will think you’re money, baby. In case you were wondering I was thinking of the film ‘Swingers’ the entire time I was writing this paragraph.

US Passport

5. Another Form of Identity

When I’m traveling domestically throughout the United States, I typically only have my wallet on me with my credit cards and drivers license. But when I go to Vegas, I like to bring an extra form of identity like my passport. There is nothing worse than enjoying your Vegas stay, only to find out you have misplaced your drivers license and now can’t do much of anything. Sure, you might be able to sit at a table to gamble, if you don’t have a baby face and they happen to not check your ID, but why risk it?

Do you think I should have added something else to my list? Tweet at @Pepto and @JoesDaily with the hashtag #PinkRelief and share your list items.

This post was graciously sponsored by Pepto-Bismol. All opinions are my own.

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