Travel used to be an undertaking of hardship and suffering, sometimes for weeks on end, to reach a place we can now get to within a day, if we were lucky and did not get waylaid by bandits, weather, sickness, and the list of potential dangers goes ever on. It used to be a contract of pain and hardships endured, and in return, we might get where we wanted to go, but that was rarely anything more than uncertainty. Now, however, we can quite literally span across the globe in 24 hours, in comfort and basking in the certainty of reaching our destinations. We even have numerous options on how we can reach our destinations, so let us run over six of them.

Private Jets

Well, this one is somewhat of a no-brainer, but if you have the funds available, they are perhaps one of the most opulent means of travel on the planet. To that end, private jets are among the most luxurious ways you can possibly travel. You might as well be lying in your bed, or relaxing on the couch as you get flown across continents at the speed of flight. No longer will you have to suffer through the screams of infants apparently being tortured by their parents, and no longer will you be squashed between people for hours on end, and treated like an animal by the staff when you ask for some water. You will be able to cruise around like a king, literally on top of the clouds. If you can afford it, there is literally no reason not to fly around in a private jet for long journeys.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are floating hotels, which allow you to visit and explore multiple exotic destinations without having to unpack more than once. Cruise ships are often built like palaces, from the cabins to the decor to the decks and everything in between. Polite waiters who run around you like a worried mother hen, serving delight after sweet delight onto your plate, as the waves gently lap at the towering palace, splitting the water. Cruise ships may be one of the laziest ways to get around, but they are also one of the most comfortable, so if you are great at just relaxing and letting yourself get shipped around the planet, welcome to your new ship.

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Private Yacht

If you want all the perks of a cruise ship, being on the water, floating from place to place, but would rather not have maybe thousands of people crowded into the same space, then we have the solution for you. Quite pricey it ends up being, of course, but a private yacht is by far the most luxurious option available, cruising over the crystal waters by yourself, your own master chartering your own course.

Luxury RV

If you would prefer to have solid ground under you but still be available to be on the move, you might opt for a luxury RV. It’s like having your own luxury suite on wheels. The most lavish RVs are fitted out like a palace, with everything from sound systems to king beds built in. Renting or buying one is, of course, very expensive, but the quality of life and comfort it can bring while traveling across the country is unmatched.

The Orient Express

Unfortunately, the actual Orient Express no longer exists, but there are many luxury trains that were modeled after it and strive for the same opulence, ease, and comfort. They offer private cabins and the finest dining facilities as you ride the train to your destination and watch the landscape race by from the window. The tickets are expensive, but booking some time in advance can save you quite a bit of money.


A helicopter may not be the most comfortable way to travel, but it is fast, efficient, and usually a lot cheaper than some of the other options on this list. If you are merely interested in getting from A to B without any unnecessary bells and whistles, this is a viable option you might want to consider. There is a lot of fun to be had enjoying the scenery from above, the rotors spinning above your head.

Travelling has become a necessity in our modern age, with millions of people on the road, in the air, or on the water, but there is seldom a need for our journeys to be uncomfortable anymore, so enjoy this advantage and start looking for more luxurious ways to travel. Hit the road and enjoy yourself; life is far too short and the world far too beautiful to not grasp every opportunity to experience it to the full.