Welcome to Sardinia, a fascinating island where the land is rich in history, culture, and culinary delights. Tourissimo is thrilled to present a 7-day “Blue Zone” culinary cycling tour of Sardinia hosted by the renowned Chef Gabrielle Hamilton. This culinary tour is designed for those who want to discover the authentic tastes of Sardinia while enjoying scenic and traffic-free roads.

Sardinia coastline in the Mediterranean

Sardinia is a magical place that many travelers describe as being a continent unto itself, with each area and town having diverse landscapes and local traditions. The food and wine of Sardinia are just as varied and unique as the island itself, and Tourissimo’s culinary tour of Sardinia promises to showcase the best of the region.

Guests on the tour will experience the culinary specialties of both the coast and the mountains while discovering the cultural roots of the island. Chef Hamilton will play an important role in helping guests understand and experience the local cuisine and culinary techniques that tell the story of the territory. Tourissimo co-founder Beppe Salerno said, “Most of the recipes and dishes are surprisingly different from other areas of Italy, such as filindeu, the ‘thread of god,’ a special pasta considered the rarest in the world.”

Cycling culinary tour map of Sardinia with Tourissimo
Cycling culinary tour map of Sardinia with Tourissimo

Sardinia is one of the very few places in the world that boasts a “Blue Zone” designation. This refers to areas across the globe where people live longer and have healthier, more natural lifestyles steeped in traditions that have been carried on from generation to generation. Guests on this tour will ride straight through this Blue Zone, discovering its unique historical and cultural aspects while indulging in the authentic food and wine along the way. Tourissimo co-founder Heather Dowd said, “In Blue Zones, a large number of inhabitants live to be 100 or older, and their way of life, including the food and wine, is a big part of this longevity.”

The culinary tour highlights the region’s food, including dishes not found elsewhere in Italy. Guests will enjoy lunch with a shepherd in a unique setting, visit the village of Oliena and its wine tradition, and attend a lecture about Sardinia’s Blue Zone. They will also visit the Bronze Age site of Santa Cristina with its unique water temple, explore the primordial Gennargentu Mountain Range, and visit Orgosolo, the painted village famous for its murals rich with social commentary.

Tourissimo’s Blue Zone culinary cycling tour of Sardinia also features Barbagia and Ogliastra geographical and cultural areas that are the true soul of Sardinia. Guests will enjoy a fantastic ride from Genna Silana Pass and a day cruise along the “Selvaggio Blue” coastline. They will also experience stunning cycling on the rural inner island and along the Mediterranean coast.

Tourissimo’s 4-star hotel lodging is designed to provide guests with comfortable and relaxing accommodations throughout the tour. Prices start at $5,995 per person double (all meals included), and e-bikes are available upon request.

If you’re a foodie, a cycling enthusiast, or someone who wants to experience the authentic taste of Sardinia, Tourissimo’s Blue Zone culinary cycling tour of Sardinia is the perfect tour for you. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the historical and cultural aspects of Sardinia while indulging in the authentic food and wine of the region. So pack your bags, hop on your bike, and join us on this culinary adventure of a lifetime. For more information, visit the Chef Tours section on Tourissimo.

About Chef Gabrielle Hamilton

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton hosting a culinary tour through Sardinia

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton is an acclaimed chef and owner of PRUNE, a restaurant located in New York City’s East Village that she founded in 1999. With her outstanding culinary skills and creativity, Gabrielle has achieved numerous accolades throughout her career. She has appeared on various TV shows, including Martha Stewart, Mark Bittman, and Mike Colameco, and emerged victorious in an Iron Chef America battle against Bobby Flay on The Food Network in 2008. Gabrielle’s contributions to the culinary world have earned her multiple James Beard awards, including the prestigious Outstanding Chef award in 2018.

In addition to her impressive achievements, Gabrielle is also a successful author. Her New York Times best-selling memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, has been translated into six languages. She also published a cookbook, Prune, featuring 250 of her restaurant’s delectable recipes. Gabrielle is a true icon in the culinary world, known for her incredible talent, hard work, and dedication to the craft of cooking.