Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, is one of the most stunning places in America. All through the year, the city has beaming sun and warm temperatures, making it one of the biggest reasons why families love visiting here. If you are traveling to this city, there are ample things to do and see. Let’s take a look at the must-dos in Phoenix.

1. Arizona Science Center

A public science museum, the Arizona Science Center is the greatest in the state and is very close to Heritage Park which makes it a good source of excitement for visitors. The museum spans four floors and it is exhibited interactively which demonstrates magnetism, solar system, gravity, electricity, friction and so much more. It is an ideal place for kids to learn about science in an interactive manner. Even if you are not traveling with kids, this is the place to be as it provides drinks, science programming, and dancing for those over 21. A trip to the Amazon Science Center is something you should not miss out on.

2. Phoenix Zoo

Located in the Papago Park in Arizona, the Phoenix zoo is a good place to head if you are an animal lover or traveling with kids. There are four trails spread across 125 acres and it is home to many different animals. You can see animals like Komodo dragons, Asian elephants, Sumatran tigers, giraffes, and many more. Visitors can also engage in up-close fun with the animals and enjoy a narrated safari tour.

3. Desert botanical garden

Not many people think of a desert as a place where they can find plants, flora, or flowers but the Desert botanical garden is different. The professionals at Phoenix Adventure Tour state, “Phoenix offers so much to do and see for tourists of every age, and if you are traveling with kids, there are educational as well as entertaining places to explore.” This garden offers flora and fauna with a little more in the Sonoran Desert. The desert is packed with more than 50,000 species of flora and they come from all across the world. Besides being the prettiest garden in Phoenix, it also hosts events, including outdoor concerts.

4. Hall of Flame Fire Museum

This museum is just as fun as its name. It is one of the cool places to visit when in Phoenix. The museum shows firefighters in their glory and showcases the history of technology in the field. Some of the best offerings of the museum are the restored fire trucks. They are not only rich in history but also have rigid frames, and some are not from America either. It also has a National Firefighting Hall of Heroes, which lists and celebrates all the firefighters who passed away while in service since 1800.

5. Camelback Mountain

The popular Camelback Mountain is 2,700 feet above the ground and is one of the most scenic and beautiful hiking spots in Phoenix. It is located in Echo Canyon Park, and there is free entry for everyone. Known as a mystery to geologists, the granite on this mountain head goes back 1.5 billion years and the rest of the mountain is made from sandstone which is 30 million years old. Nobody knows how this was possible, but this is what makes it even more interesting. You can check out the different trails here. The most popular trail is the Echo Canyon Trail which offers a breathtaking view from the top. But it is also a very difficult trail.

6. Mesa Art Center

The popular Mesa Arts Center has four different theatres, galleries, studios, workshops, offices, and classrooms. It first opened its doors in 2005, and it is a great place to enjoy loved performances. Some art groups that regularly perform here include the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and the Sonoran Desert Chorale. This center has a store that offers several rare items that can work as the perfect gifts or collectibles.

7. Musical Instrument Museum

A fun thing to do in Phoenix is to go to the Musical Instrument Museum. As the name suggests, this museum is the only musical instrument museum on the planet that has more than 15,000 exhibits, artifacts, and instruments. If you are traveling with children, this is a must-do. They will get to observe the instrument and learn all about its audio and video features. You will actually be able to hear how the instruments sound. It has some of the most popular instruments of Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and more. This museum also has musical instruments of the folk, a tribal and ethnic variety which can help your kids learn more about the history and culture.

These are some of the best things to do in Phoenix, whether traveling solo, with friends, or with family.