If you have a cruise stop in St Thomas, or just plan on staying on the Caribbean island for a few days, chances are you looking for things to do. You’ve come to the right article.

My new cruise pals Griff & Alyssa have just released their video showcasing the 11 best places to visit in St Thomas. I’ve broken down their list below, as well as embedded their new video at the bottom of this post. Make sure you pay a visit to their channel for all things cruising!

Things to Do in St Thomas

1. Tour St Thomas with SunFari Jeep Tours

Tour the island of St. Thomas with Sunfari Jeep Tours

There really is no better way to get the lay of the land than in a good jeep tour. Book yourself a day with SunFair Adventure Tours and let them show you around St Thomas.

2. Grab Breakfast at Parlay Cafe

A photo of the Parlay Cafe owners, located in St. Thomas
Parlay Cafe owners

Located just steps from the waterfront in the Charlotte Amalie Historic District you will find the Parlay Cafe, where you can enjoy a variety of fine food and drinks inside an old rum warehouse from 1680. According to Griff, they have some delicious pistachio muffins. Yum!

3. Snorkeling at Coki Beach

Snorkeling at Coki Beach

Pretty much anywhere in St. Thomas is good for snorkeling, but Coki Beach might be where it’s at.

4. Swim With Sea Turtles

According to Griff & Alyssa, sea turtles can be found pretty much all over the island of St. Thomas. Griff makes a note to hang right when entering Magen’s Bay Beach to see where the turtles are most prevalent.

5. Visit Magen’s Bay Beach, Consistently Voted one of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Drone over Magen's Bay Beach

6. Grab Lunch at The Shack Food Truck on Hideaway Beach

The Shack food tuck located at Hideaway Beach, St. Thomas

Looks like you will want to save your appetite for some lunch at The Shack food truck. Located at Hideaway Beach, this Instagram-worthy lunch spot featured a mouthwatering menu. Here are a few items I plan on trying on my next visit to St. Thomas:

  • Dorito Chicken Sandwich
  • Fried Fish Tacos
  • Blackened Shrimp Tacos
  • Asian Noodle Salad

The majority of The Shack food trucks’ prices are around $15 USD.

7. A Less Crowded Beach Experience at Hull Bay

Hull Bay Beach

Though Magen’s Bay Beach shouldn’t be missed, it seems like Hull Bay might be the quieter beach to escape to, if that’s what you’re into.

8. See the Virgin Islands from The Mountain Top

Grab yourself one of the World Famous Mountain Top’s banana daiquiris and take in the breathtaking views of the Virgin Islands.


9. Get a Tattoo in St Thomas

Get a tattoo in St. Thomas

I love that they included a tattoo shop on this list. One of my favorite things to do is get tattooed while traveling as a way to mark the adventure forever. Perhaps the next time I’m in St. Thomas I’ll head over to ‘Salt of the Earth Tattoo‘ after grabbing a coffee at Parlay Cafe.

Watch Griff & Alyssa’s latest video below and be sure to subscribe for more awesome cruise content.

Photo credits: Griff & Alyssa (YT)