Aurora Spa reception desk on Crystal Cruises
Aurora Spa front desk

Embarking on a cruise aboard the Crystal Symphony promises not just a journey across the seas but also a voyage into wellness and tranquility, courtesy of the Aurora Spa. This serene haven draws inspiration from the Goddess Aurora herself, ensuring each guest emerges rejuvenated, their mind, body, and soul awakened to a new dawn of relaxation.

A Sanctuary of Wellness

Men's locker in Aurora Spa
Men’s locker

A waiting room outside on Crystal Symphony

Nestled within the luxurious confines of the Crystal Symphony, the Aurora Spa stands out as a sanctuary of calm. Its design, inspired by the soft hues of dawn, features a palette of light and bright neutrals, organic materials, and champagne-toned brass fittings, crafting an atmosphere that is both uplifting and comforting.

The Hot Stone Massage: A Warm Embrace

Aurora Stone Signature Massage
Aurora Stone Signature Massage

Amidst an extensive menu of treatments, the hot stone massage, known as the Aurora Stone Signature Massage, is a highlight. The therapy, lasting anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes, uses warmed aromatics drizzled over the skin, followed by a full-body massage with hot stones that deeply relaxes muscles. It’s a treatment designed not just to destress the body but also to promote sleep and provide a profound sense of relaxation​​.

Aurora Spa treatment room on Crystal Symphony
Treatment room on Crystal Symphony

Comprehensive Care

The spa doesn’t just stop at massages. It extends its offerings to facials, body treatments, a healing center, and even gentlemen’s grooming. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a yoga class or a personal training session, ensuring that wellness is a holistic experience at Aurora Spa​​. You can download the full Aurora spa menu here.

The Aurora Spa on Crystal Symphony is more than a spa—it’s a transformative experience. With a hot stone massage that lulls you into a state of bliss and a range of treatments that cater to every need, it’s a place where the radiance of dawn doesn’t just signal a new day, but also a renewed you.

On my next journey aboard the Crystal Symphony, the BIOTEC 2.0 The Ultimate Facial beckons with its promise of a rejuvenated complexion, offering a radiant sequel to the tranquility I’ve already experienced. In the meantime, read my Crystal Symphony review to learn more about the food, deck changes, and more!