Are you booked on the Celebrity Eclipse or looking into one of their future cruises? If you answered the latter then what are you waiting for?

Celebrity Eclipse in Alaska
Taking photos of the Celebrity Eclipse docked in Icy Strait Point

I recently returned home from my first Celebrity Cruises Alaska itinerary on board the Celebrity Eclipse and couldn’t say enough good things about my experience. Sarah and I were in complete awe of our surroundings as we sailed from Vancouver, through Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan, the Hubbard Glacier, and Juneau, Alaska. What an experience.

Hubbard Glacier seen from Celebrity Eclipse
Hubbard Glacier seen from Celebrity Eclipse. More on Instagram.

On board was equally as impressive despite Celebrity Eclipse being over a decade old. One of my favorite things to experience on a cruise is the various cocktail bars and lounges. They’re wonderful places to hang out before dinner, after dinner, or even before taking in a show. Whatever your reason may be to grab a cocktail is up to you, just know I won’t judge.

All Bars and Lounges on Celebrity Eclipse

As experienced cruisers already know, bars and restaurants can vary from cruise ship to cruise ship. This is usually due to the class of ship, as well as if Celebrity Cruises is trying out something new, such as a new lounge or eatery. In our experience with Celebrity Eclipse on our Alaska cruise, we had three cocktail bar lounges that were our favorite. If you want to skip right to those you can watch my video of the best bars on Celebrity Eclipse towards the bottom of this post.

I first wanted to feature all of the lounges and bars available on Celebrity Eclipse in case you’re a new cruiser and want to know what your options are. Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. Cellar Masters

Cellar Masters lets you try a bold collection of both familiar and unknown wines from around the world.

2. Ensemble Lounge

Ensemble Lounge is the ideal setting for an aperitif en route to an extraordinary dining experience, or a digestif afterward. Live entertainment from world-class musicians and a “dressed for dinner” crowd make this elegant space a fantastic start or end to your evening.

3. Martini Bar & Crush

A dirty martini at Martini Bar on Celebrity Eclipse
Dirty martini at Martini Bar

Sadly Crush was not open when we sailed, but the Martini Bar was for sure open and ready to serve us drinks. Their talented bartenders put on a high-energy show preparing an intriguing menu of classic and contemporary martinis, served on an ice-topped bar.

4. Michael’s Club

This exclusive 24-hour lounge features a large-screen TV, reading areas stocked with magazines, newspapers, and books, plus a continental breakfast. Complimentary pre-dinner drinks and tapas are served 5:00 PM –8:00 PM daily, and the dedicated concierge can help arrange your specialty dining, shore excursions, and even handle inquiries about various ports of call.

Editor’s note: As mentioned, this is an exclusive lounge. So if you aren’t in the Concierge Class don’t bother trying to go in.

5. Pool & Mast Bar

While you wait to grab one of the best burgers and sea, grab yourself a beer or glass of wine.

6. Slush

Chill out with a flurry of fresh frozen cocktails, located poolside to help you keep your cool. Hand-made, frozen cocktails blended with the freshest ingredients. Several of the cocktails are also available in non-alcoholic versions.

Editor’s note: Slush wasn’t open for us while sailing on Celebrity Eclipse. I can only assume this is due to the cold-weathered itinerary.

7. Sky Observation Bar

The perfect daytime spot to gaze over the sea with a cocktail in hand. At night, the space comes alive with live music and dancing. Features twelve signature Zodiac cocktails based on your astrological sign, all prepared by flaring mixologists.

8. Sunset Bar

The Sunset Bar was one of our favorite bars to frequent because of its location. Directly located on the back of the Eclipse makes for fantastic views of the water as you sail into the sunset.

9. World Class Bar

Cocktail being made at World Class Bar on Celebrity Eclipse
Cocktail being made at World Class Bar on Celebrity Eclipse

If you’re a fan of craft cocktails then World Class Bar is your spot. Either choose a cocktail from their curated menu or tell the talented bartenders your spirit of choice and flavor profile you’re looking for. They nail it every time!

Editor’s Note: For some reason, this bar was rarely busy, which is both good and bad. As someone who likes to people watch and mingle with other guests, there was never anyone there to chat with so that wasn’t great. On the plus side, it almost never took more than a few minutes to get your drink order. I think the reason for it being empty was because of its location. Not in the ideal spot considering how the rest of the ship is laid out.

Best Bars on Celebrity Eclipse

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