The ever-popular Carnival Cruise Line has made waves once again with their latest vessel, the Carnival Jubilee. In a ceremony that was equal parts style and substance, this magnificent ship gently sailed out of its construction cocoon, the covered building dock at the renowned Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. This monumental moment was marked not just by the birth of a new cruise ship, but by a tribute to the Lone Star State: a proud Texas star emblazoned on the ship’s bow.

More Than Just a Symbol

But the Texas star on Carnival Jubilee’s bow isn’t just for show—it’s a testament to a longstanding relationship between the Carnival Cruise Line and the Port of Galveston. As the first cruise line to sail year-round from this historic port, Carnival has deep roots within the local community. By featuring the iconic Texas star, Carnival Jubilee serves as a salute to this port city and its steady growth. This, combined with a commitment to provide innovative experiences for their guests, signifies a bright future ahead.

A Sneak Peek and a Texas Treat

Carnival Jubilee leaving Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany
Carnival Jubilee leaving Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany

The float-out wasn’t just about witnessing the first glimpse of the Carnival Jubilee, it was an event in its own right. A few lucky spectators had the chance to partake in a fun tailgate-style party at the shipyard, complete with snacks and beverages from Carnival’s partner, PepsiCo. This gave the German shipyard a hearty taste of Texas tailgate culture.

What’s Next for Carnival Jubilee?

Now that it has successfully launched, Carnival Jubilee is moving forward into the next phase of construction. Soon, it’ll be leaving its current perch at the shipyard’s outfitting pier to conduct tests on its bow thrusters and stabilizers. Fans of the cruise line will be eagerly awaiting the sea trials scheduled for November.

The Wonders Waiting Onboard

As part of Carnival’s cutting-edge Excel-class, the Carnival Jubilee is set to offer breathtaking features that have already left guests aboard her sister ships, Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration, awestruck. One of these is the second iteration of BOLT: The Ultimate Seacoaster, a roller coaster at sea. The ship also boasts six fun-packed zones, including two entirely unique sections that celebrate the ocean. Guests can look forward to a myriad of dining, beverage, and entertainment options.

The Journey Begins

Starting late December, Carnival Jubilee will set sail on year-round Western Caribbean itineraries. This isn’t the first time the Carnival Jubilee has sailed from Galveston though. A ship bearing the same name began its journey from this port back in 2002. However, the new Carnival Jubilee is four times larger than its predecessor, promising to offer quadruple the fun to its lucky guests.

The Dawn of a New Adventure

As Carnival Cruise Line sets forth into this new chapter with the Carnival Jubilee, it’s not just about the adventures waiting on the high seas. It’s about celebrating relationships, recognizing community growth, and, most importantly, making unforgettable memories. So whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned sea traveler, one thing’s for sure—Carnival Jubilee is bound to offer a cruise experience like no other.

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