Today, Carnival Cruise Lines launches the Carnival Vista Hunt (on desktop), a three-day virtual Easter egg hunt featuring a slew of awesome prizes. From 11/21 to the game’s end on 11/23, users will have approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds (20 seconds per scene) to search the 360-degree Carnival Vista scenes for hidden Easter eggs.

Carnival Vista Hunt Game

Over the course of the three days, prizes will refresh, moving gift cards and kits to different Easter eggs so the same prize is never in the same place. When a user finds a prize they have the option to claim it or try to find a better one. Be sure you don’t want it, because once you let it go someone else can grab it, and you can only claim 1 prize per day.

Carnival Vista Hunt Prizes

The three-day hunt features many awesome prizes. Here is a breakdown for what you can expect:

Cruise Sweepstakes

Anyone who plays Vista Hunt will automatically enter to win a cruise. Carnival will give out 1 cruise a day that will allow up to 4 people on the Carnival Vista ship for an 8 day sailing.

Vista Hunt Easter Eggs

  • 150 $25 cash gift cards
  • 150 $50 cash gift cards
  • 4 $500 Carnival gift cards
  • 90 vacation kits

There will be three kinds of vacation kits given away: 360° camera with CCL swag; waterproof bluetooth speaker with CCL swag; waterproof phone case with CCL swag.

Before playing Carnival Vista Hunt, please read the official rules here:

Stay Tuned

I’ll be playing around with the experience early this week. Circle back in a few days as I recap that experience with the scavenger hunt, and share with you easter eggs I discovered.

I partnered with Carnival Cruise Line on this post. All opinions are my own.