Carnival‘s culinary team is gearing up for an unprecedented Thanksgiving feast this year, the largest in its 51 years of cruising. They’re set to dish out over 48,000 pounds of turkey – marking a notable 14 percent hike from the previous year. Additionally, embracing a more inclusive approach, Carnival introduces an exclusively plant-based protein menu for vegan guests for the first time.

With the growing appeal of holiday cruising, the team is preparing to cater more than 110,000 Thanksgiving meals aboard its fleet, accommodating both guests and crew members. This ambitious culinary endeavor spans across Carnival’s entire U.S. fleet.

Interesting Carnival Thanksgiving Facts

  • Turkey: 48,000 pounds
  • Turkey Gravy: 600+ gallons
  • Turkey Stuffing: 6,600+ pounds
  • Cranberry Sauce: 2,200+ pounds
  • Pumpkin Pie: 20,900+ portions
  • Pecan Pie: 24,800+ portions

Carnival Thanksgiving Menu 2023


Baked Brie: Cranberry – pecan crumble, fig and olive crostini


Holiday Roasted Tom Turkey: Thanksgiving stuffing, sweet potato casserole, giblet gravy, cranberry relish
Honey Glazed Ham: Hot honey glaze, herbed potatoes, roasted carrots, asparagus, candied pineapple, raisin sauce
Cauliflower and Cheese Pie: Sweet mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach, sweet pepper sauce


Pumpkin Pie: Traditional spices, salted caramel sauce, crème Chantilly

Carnival Cruise Thanksgiving Menu 2023

Pecan Pie on Carnival Cruise Line