One of the things I hate most about traveling is dealing with the people at airports. I will never understand how someone can walk normally on the streets, but the moment they enter an airport it’s like they forgot how to walk. Thankfully there are things like Club MoBay and Club Kingston to help alleviate the added stress of travel.

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing Club MoBay, one of two exclusive experiences by VIP Attractions located in Jamaica‘s airports. When we landed in Montego Bay, we were greeted by a Club MoBay representative who fast tracked us through Immigration and Customs, assisted us with our bags, and escorted us directly to our car. It was quite amazing.

Along with their fast track service you also have full access to their arrivals lounge and all of its amenities. But who really wants to spend time in a lounge when you’re ready to take on Jamaica?

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Their departure services are equally, if not better than their arrival services. The last thing anyone wants to do when a vacation comes to an end is leave the exotic place they were relaxing in, only to end up in a stressful environment like an airport. No thank you!

Collectively Club MoBay and Club Kingston have over 20,000 sq. ft of chic design and comfortable seating for you to enjoy. Along with their massive lounges, you have the peace of mind of not waiting in line when going through security thanks to their fast track through security and immigration.

If you’re interested in learning more about VIP Attractions’ Club MoBay and Club Kingston experiences, watch their video below.

Club MoBay & Club Kingston Photo Gallery

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Learn more about these two spacious lounges by visiting VIP Attractions‘ website.