Hello, fellow travel enthusiasts! For those of you with wanderlust brewing, longing to mark your calendars and plan your future adventures, we have some exciting news that will leave you daydreaming about some truly dreamy destinations. Brace yourself, because Costa Cruises has just opened its bookings for Winter 2024 all the way through Spring 2025. They’ve got your vacations sorted in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and even the United Arab Emirates. And if you’re a true globe-trotter, Costa has even got an “Around the World” cruise lined up. Let’s dive into this a bit, shall we?

Winter Wonderland in the Mediterranean

Forget the usual summer rush! Winter months in the Mediterranean bring to life a unique vibe where you can delve deep into the region’s history and culture without the madding crowds. The crown jewel of the Costa fleet, the Costa Toscana, is going to lead the charge with weeklong cruises that will allow you to soak up the charm of Italy, France, Spain, the Balearic Islands, and Sicily. With extended shore time, you can truly savor the experience rather than rushing through your itinerary.

Soak Up the Sun in the Caribbean

Who doesn’t love a good Caribbean vacation? Think golden beaches, turquoise waters, and the promise of sun and fun. The Costa Fortuna and Costa Fascinosa will each offer two seven-day itineraries, each giving you a different taste of the Caribbean’s vibrant energy. You’ll get to spend at least 10 hours in each port, so there’s plenty of time to soak up the sun, sip on some local rum, and dance the night away.

Warm Winter in the United Arab Emirates

If a warm winter sounds like your thing, then Costa Smeralda will be your floating home. The UAE, with its fascinating mix of ancient traditions and modern, glittering cities, offers an unparalleled experience. From the high-rises of Dubai to the cultural tapestry of Abu Dhabi, and not forgetting the wonders of Muscat and Doha, you’re in for a treat.

All Aboard for Around the World

For those with a serious thirst for adventure, Costa Deliziosa will offer a cruise that literally takes you around the world, focusing on the gems of the southern hemisphere. Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve with a breathtaking fireworks display over Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach. The cruise also includes exotic stops like Tierra del Fuego, Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.