As a seasoned hotel reviewer, attending a Dreams Natura wedding was supposed to be a delightful departure from my critical duties. My visit to Dreams Natura Resort & Spa was envisioned as a tranquil getaway, where I’d be a guest at a friend’s wedding, looking forward to a week of relaxation and celebration. However, the series of events that unfolded not only disrupted my stay but also significantly tainted what should have been a joyous occasion for many.

A Wedding Fiasco

The wedding day at Dreams Natura began like any tranquil day at a resort, with guests leisurely starting their day. However, the serenity was soon disrupted. Unbeknownst to the wedding party, the resort staff began constructing a stage adjacent to the wedding venue, cluttering the area with unsightly flags and structures.

Dreams Natura wedding disaster. Staff were setting up for a concert right next to the wedding venue.
Dreams Natura staff continued to set up the concert, despite a wedding happening in less than 3 hours.

This not only disrupted the aesthetics but also posed significant challenges for the wedding photographers. What compounded the distress was the lack of communication from the resort‘s wedding team to the bride and groom about these intrusive preparations, adding undue stress to their special day.

Service and Hospitality: A Missed Mark

The resort’s staff, though seemingly eager, appeared grossly undertrained, particularly evident in the dining and bar service. Basic hospitality protocols like offering water or menus were often overlooked. The beverage service was equally disappointing. The drinks, consistently flat and unappealing, revealed a lack of attention to detail. It was only with the arrival of the corporate party wedding crashers that the resort seemed to prioritize quality, opening actual cans of soda for mixers, and suggesting a selective approach to service quality.

Editor’s Note: I tried to order the same cocktail at 4 different bar venues, and not a single one was bubbly until the corporate party arrived.

Room for Improvement – Literally

Our room experience was far from the promised luxury. The first letdown was the absence of the booked king-size bed. Further grievances were added by the room’s sulfuric smell, uncleanliness (see coffee cup), and stained linens.

Filthy rooms at Dreams Natura Resort & Spa
Both our coffee cups looked absolutely disgusting

Repeated requests for a change of sheets highlighted a concerning lack of hygiene standards. Moreover, the staff twice invaded our privacy by entering the room despite a “Do Not Disturb” sign, an unacceptable breach of guest privacy. To cap off this breach of privacy, the ‘service‘ staff didn’t even restock our fridge with beer, soda, and, most importantly, water, despite the invasive entry.

In Conclusion: A Dream Dimmed for a Happy Wedding

Dreams Natura Resort & Spa, a place envisioned as a sanctuary of relaxation and joy, especially for significant occasions like weddings, sadly failed to live up to its promises. The final night of our stay encapsulated the overall experience – one characterized by disregard for guest comfort and a lack of professionalism. A corporate concert, which had already usurped the wedding venue earlier, continued its intrusion by blaring music until nearly midnight, audible from our room and shattering any notion of a peaceful evening.

The disturbances didn’t end with the music. At around 12:45 a.m., my wife and I were jolted awake by noises outside our door. The sound of something dropping was quickly followed by the loud chatter of a walkie-talkie. Confronting the room service attendant, I found myself having to explain the basic courtesy of not disturbing guests. His perplexed reaction, as if such disruption was the norm, further highlighted the resort’s systemic failure in delivering the service and tranquility one would expect from a reputed establishment.

This series of unfortunate events at Dreams Natura Resort & Spa serves as a stern warning for those seeking a serene getaway or a blissful wedding celebration. The resort’s apparent indifference to guest privacy, comfort, and overall experience raises serious concerns. It’s a stark reminder that picturesque settings and promises of luxury are hollow without the backing of quality service and respectful hospitality. For anyone considering Dreams Natura for their special day or a relaxing retreat, these experiences are a testament to looking elsewhere. In the world of hospitality, where every detail counts, Dreams Natura sadly missed the mark by a wide margin.