Prepare to Hate Flying Coach Forever

Saying Etihad Airways’ Residence Suite experience is a bit excessive is a major understatement. Think of any First Class cabin you’ve ever seen and then multiply that by a 1000.

Brian Kelly, aka. The Points Guy, was able to fly in the $32,000 USD three-room suite aboard Etihad Airways’ brand new Airbus A380 jump jet for free on the A380’s inaugural flight from New York to Abu Dhabi. If you’re wondering how he pulled this insane trip off for free, well, then you probably don’t know why they call him The Points Guy — his wealth of miles.

The trip starts from the time you leave your residence. Two chauffeurs pick you up (one car for your luggage and one for you) and take you to a private apartment at the Etihad lounge inside the airport. Once you finally make it onboard for your flight, you’re greeted by a personal Savoy Academy-trained butler who greets you and provides you drinks with your name engraved on the bottle; an onboard shower; a full length bed; and best of all, a custom made meal by the onboard chef.

To see all that Etihad Airways has to offer with their Residence Suites, watch the video below by The Points Guy.