It’s 5pm, and I find myself in the Library Bar on board the Carnival Vista waiting to interview Jay Leno before his Carnival Live show. I was told I only have 5 minutes with him since there were others in line to speak with the late night show legend, but that didn’t bother me–what would I ask him?

As I’m sipping on my Woodford Reserve waiting for my turn, it hit me: what sort of travel tips does a celebrity like Jay Leno have to share with the world? Turns out, they’re not quite what you would expect.

Jay Leno performing on the Carnival Vista - #CarnivalLIVE
Jay Leno performing on the Carnival Vista – #CarnivalLIVE

Early Boarding Tip

JoesDaily: My readers love travel tips, and you of course have been traveling for many years. Any tips or travel hacks you can share?

Jay Leno: Ok, travel tips! What I used to do was, when I fly, I would have whatever carry-ons I could, and when they would say, “Does anyone need any extra time?,” I would limp up. Limp up to the thing, ya know? And this worked for years, and one day I’m limping up and there’s an old lady in a wheelchair, and she goes: “Go ahead dear, you’re in a whole lot more pain than I am.”

You know the guy in Titanic, the guy that wore the dress so he could get on the life boat? I felt like that guy. So yeah, that was pretty awful.

JD: So limp up? Got it!

Bribing Gate Agents for Upgrades

Jay: Another travel tip–don’t try this one. You know, in the old days you could buy an economy ticket and when you got up to the desk you could slip a twenty and get an upgrade to first class. So I’m telling a friend of mine who is a comedian, who will remain unknown for this, and I said, “When you get up there just slip them a twenty. But make sure there is nobody behind you in line.” So he’s not paying attention, he gets up there and looks at the gate agent and asks, “Is there any chance for an upgrade?,” and slides a twenty toward her. The agent sees it, and then sees the people behind him, and then slaps him in the face. Just decks him in front of all these people. “HOW DARE YOU, SIR!”

So don’t try that one.

Favorite Travel Food

JD: Do you have a favorite food for when you travel. A snack perhaps you always have with you on trips?

Jay: You know what, no, I just wait until I get there. I’m never that hungry, this is America. You’re never more than 50-feet from a hamburger in America no matter where you are. I never pack a snack, I would eat it before I even leave. Why am I carrying this? I’ll just eat it now.

And there you have it, folks–expert travel tips from the late night show legend himself, Jay Leno. Maybe don’t try to bribe your gate agent next time you fly.

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Photo credit: Gary Miller / Carnival Cruise Line