Four Seasons Resort Nevis is Worth Visiting for the Monkeys Alone

Nevis is a small island in the Caribbean Sea just a short boat ride away from St. Kitts. Shamefully, I must admit to not knowing it existed until I received an invite from Four Seasons to attend their 10th Annual Sea Turtle Weekend. In just a few days spending time there and getting to know the property, I fell in love with the island, its people, and their monkeys.

On hole 15 of the Four Seasons Golf Course, right around sunset time, a troop of monkeys gather on the fairway. We were in golf carts touring the Four Season Villas moments before happening upon the beautiful creatures. Our tour guide Mac Kee, the Director of Recreation at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, knew they would be out there and came prepared with bananas.

If there was ever a reason for me to bring my Canon Telephoto lens, it was for this. LOOK AT THAT BABY MONKEY!

Baby monkey at Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Monkey Eating a Banana

Monkeys at Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Monkeys at Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Troop of Monkeys

Monkeys on Fairway of Golf Course

Monkeys on the Golf Course i

Monkey in Tree

Monkey in Tree

Monkey in Tree

Stay tuned for more coverage from my trip to Nevis with Four Seasons Resort.

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